Kids Plate Art.

Kids Plate decorating fun competition and exhibition.

Newhaven Fort 15th August 12.00 – 15.00

Includes paints, paper plates and materials.

Competition, medals and prizes on the day –

Exhibition to run into September.

Advance tickets available – Book early Places are limited

Register free for Kids Ravilious Plate workshop here. Fort entry required.

Prizes include – Overall Best art works of the day.
Fort prize – best art featuring the fort.
Ravilious Prize. – Best Ravilious themed art.

The fort alone is an amazing day out plus free workshop.


Do we have to pay for fort entry?

Plein Air art is free once you have paid to enter the fort. This includes an optional talk on Ravilious and prizes and Exhibition through into September. Fort entry price is great value and will last for Return visits until the end of the year.

Do I have to be there at 12.00 to register?

Registration will be at 12.00. Late arrivals will also be able to join in but their time may be limited.

How old must you be to enter?

Children of all ages up to 16 are welcome to design plates. Children under 12 must be accompanied at all times by a guardian.