Plein Air Outdoor FORT Art Day.

Eric Ravilious themed Plein air Outdoor (Or indoor if wet) art day, prize competition & exhibition 15th Aug at Newhaven Fort where Eric Ravilious worked and painted.

Plein Air Gallery of Work completed in around 4-5 hours

Image 1 Scarlet Scardanelli
image 2 Chris Cook – Ravilious Award and Ella Ravilious Award

image 3 Kev Saunders

Image 4 Julia Stofa

Image 5 Overall Winner Jon Pullen

Image 6 Kev Saunders

Image 7 Kev Saunders

Image 8 Tash Gross

Image 9 Fort award Gwyneth Harper

Image 10 Overall Runner Up Terri Micklam

Image 11 Dawn Wells

Bring your painting gear and things for your day. Refreshments are available at the excellent Fort Cafe.

Cost=Fort Entrance Fee-from £7.45 gives access until Nov

The fort alone is an amazing day out plus free Plein Air

10.00 onwards Registration.

*Click here for free event free registration

Advance tickets available – Book early Places are limited

11.00 Inspirational Ravilious talk (optional).

16.00 Judging and “on the day” prizes.

Prizes include – Overall Best art works of the day.
Fort prize – best art featuring the fort.
Ravilious Prize. – Best Ravilious themed art.

Exhibition of works to follow at the fort into September.


Do we have to pay for fort entry?

Plein Air art is free once you have paid to enter the fort. This includes an optional talk on Ravilious and prizes and Exhibition through into September. Fort entry price is great value and will last for Return visits until the end of the year.

Do I have to be there at 10.00 to register?

Registration will be between 10.00 and 11.00. Late arrivals will also be able to join in but their time may be limited.

How many works can I enter for prizes and judging?

You may enter up to 2 works for the final judging